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  Guangzhou Hyper Stage Lighting Equipment Co., LTD is a by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to set up registration, the set of stage lighting R & D, manufacturing, sales, engineering to undertake, design, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and technical advice as one of the integrated enterprise. Company is committed to quality products and services to customers with a one-stop service, integrity management, to create value for customers, so customer satisfaction is our biggest goal.
  Hyper lighting at present, the main products are: computer head light, head logo lights, led stage light, led moving head light staining, led PAR lamps, light bar effect, matrix specific lights, strobe lights, stage, laser lights, smoke machines, such as lighting console series products. Products are widely used in stage performances, the opera house, gymnasium, auditorium, halls, lecture hall, studio, hotel banquet hall, multi-function hall, bars, Manyao bar, Diba, performing arts hall, night club, KTV and other entertainment venues, as well as wedding etiquette, theatrical performances, planning design company. At the same time, we undertake domestic and international stage lighting OEM and ODM orders, to provide customers with customized demand.
  Stage lighting is a professional equipment, the company provides customers with one-stop service, including stage lighting production and sales, engineering design, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, technical advice, etc.. Lighting design can be free of charge for the design and rendering CAD plane or three-dimensional lamp bitmap. If there is a bar, Manyao bar, banquet hall, hotels, multi-function hall need stage lighting support, you only need to tell us the requirements, the rest of the things we come to help you. We focus on the stage lighting industry, long-term commitment to research industry development trends, the trend of the domestic and international stage lighting industry advanced applications, we have a wealth of experience in lighting industry, to provide customers with the most appropriate lighting program, with our quality and service, and strive to achieve maximum customer benefits.
  Focus on pragmatic, good service every customer is our code of conduct. The development of enterprises can not be separated from the support of customers, employees and suppliers. We insist on doing whatever we can, and strive to challenge ourselves, and seek a breakthrough. In today's world, trust is the most scarce resource, the trust of customers is our biggest support, entrusted by the people, when go all out to do something perfectly, Hyper lighting expect work with you to work together to create a win-win future!

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